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This Memorial proposal attempted to communicate, via the manipulation of space, narrative elements and most importantly, LIGHT, two key ideas:

First, using the pen of 3000 lives, the September 11th attack wrote the first chapter of what will become this century's defining conflict. Their stories, not simply their names, should be a key focal point of any Memorial.

Secondly, Memorials are typically constructed long after the conflict has subsided. They are time-capsules to the past. But, in this case the conflict has only just begun, and society needs a Memorial which remains relevant to current and future generations

So this proposal bisects the site into PAST and FUTURE sections, creating a narrative flow from the acts of September 11th, through recovery, mourning and finally towards a future of promise and uncertainty.

The PAST is captured by artifacts from the attack and through a focus on individual lives and the bravery of so many fine people. The FUTURE is illuminated by the LIGHT of the sun or moon reflected off the 1776 tower, carrying the promise of better times deep into the pit of the World Trade Center. And proclaiming its message of hope across the metropolitan skyline.

This proposal is complex, rich and multifaceted. Just like the multifaceted lives which were lost, in the most complex and vital city in the world.

The Genuine Ideas World Trade Center Memorial proposal was not selected as a finalist, but you may click on the image to the right for more information concerning this submission. Or you may click here to download a 1.6MB PDF scanned image of the poster.

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World Trade Center Memorial Submission by Greg Blonder, Copyright August 2003