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Hands of Honor

Our faith in humanity was severely tested by these murderous events. But that faith was restored through the bravery and professionalism of the New York City and Port Authority Police, the Fire Departments and EMS of NY, PA and VA, and other uniformed officers who gave both their heart, and sometimes their lives, to save others. Countless doctors, construction workers, religious groups and individuals too numerous to mention, rushed in to help- tossing their private interests aside and dedicating months of their lives to aid the victims of these events.

These Heroes deserve their own special memorial [6]. Their actions were an integral part of history.

The Hands of Honor Memorial is situated on the ground, half way along the Descent Ramp. The Memorial recalls the helping hands of the Fireman digging fistful by fistful through the rubble. It recalls the helping hands of the volunteers opening their homes and restaurants to feed the rescue workers. It honors the hands which brought a plane full of terrorists to ground, before they could take even more innocent lives.

The Hands (shown realistically in these drawings for clarity, but more abstractly in the final monument) metaphorically hold back the tumbling debris from the World Trade Center. They sit on a base with appropriate inscriptions, with room to mention as many groups as possible- either by name of battalion or precinct or union, or by category such as chaplain or doctor or soup kitchen server [3]. Visitors can circumnavigate the Hands of Honor Memorial, touching the steel columns of the original towers with their own hands.

World Trade Center Memorial Submission by Greg Blonder, Copyright August 2003