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Hands of Honor
Garden of Memories
Eternal Flame


     The Sanctum and its surrounding gardens provides a formal, calming and restorative environment [2] for family members [3]. Nestled into a corner of the site and separated from the bulk of the memorial by a waterway, families may reserve access to the gardens and Sanctum building at any time. Access to the garden is mediated by two bridges, but when unoccupied by family members, is open to all visitors.
     The Sanctum is a four-sided structure constructed of two parallel glass walls filled with various sized globes of translucent glass. Many of these spheres could be ornaments donated by the public, others will be special-made for this purpose. A cathedral-like space suffused with light, its glass walls shield the families from the distractions of noise and the public.
     The outer-face of the Sanctum projects as four facets into the garden- one for each for the four events honored by this monument. About 60 feet on a side and 2800 sq. ft. in area, the building overlooks the terminus between the past and future. The interior will be designed in concert with family groups, to meet their special needs.
     The Sanctum is reserved for family occasions- such as memorial tray dedication ceremonies, marriages, prayer meetings and christenings. Or as a place to meditate and reflect on what has been, and what will come.

World Trade Center Memorial Submission by Greg Blonder, Copyright August 2003